I like your FACE!

14 Nov

I absotively posilutely love photography. If someone would let me (and pay me), I’d take pictures all day long & do nothing else. Lately I’ve really gotten into portrait-taking. It’s so amazing that each and every person has their own set of looks and not one of us are the same– with the exception of those of you with an identical twin! Lucky for me, I have some of the most beautiful and stunning friends on the entire planet. I recently did a small shoot with my friend, Katie & thought I’d share some of the prints : ) Just looking at these gets me PUMPED for the wedding I’m shooting on July 31, 2010 for Jill, a friend that I graduated with! I feel so honored that she asked me to photograph her on one of the biggest days of her life- I hope I live up to her expectations!


my favorite



soft focus



gorgeous gal!


: )


Katie also has an absolutely AMAZING voice & I hope music lovers all over the world get to hear it someday. I just saw this post on her facebook & I thought I’d do a little friendly plugging for her here on my blog! Definitely check it out!

** On a side note- I didn’t get the stuff to make my mom’s blueberry muffins but I DID make a really tasty birthday cake for my roomie & best friend, Michelle. We’ve consumed almost the whole thing already! Happy 22nd, Michelley!!


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