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Date Night!

21 Nov

I’m so excited for today. I finally get to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows tonight! Even better, my boyfriend & I both have the [rare] evening off together, so he’s coming with me : ) I love our date nights!


A lot of people like to criticize this book/movie series so if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, don’t scoff. If you’re not an HP fan but you are a Twilight fan, seriously shut up. I love Twilight just as much as any other female member of our species but Harry Potter, I have to say, is just better. Get past your issues with wizards & wands. The challenges these characters encounter will always outshine Bella’s heartache & insecurities over not being good enough for Edward. I’ve probably pissed quite a few people off now… Sorry! Just remember I do love Twilight too.

Now that I’ve gotten that out- I love that the holiday season means a lot of new releases. I’m begging you, though, don’t see Skyline… Worst. Movie. Ever. Other new movies that look awesome?

Morning Glory

Little Fockers

The Next 3 Days

Due Date


The Dilemma

I have less than two hours until Derrick gets here & I can’t wait for our evening to begin : ) Have a happy Sunday!


10 Dec

 Only 3 more semesters of hearing those 2 wonderful words before I have to be a ‘big girl‘ & face our awesome economy head-on & try to find a job. Anyone need a bubbly, scatterbrained, smart-mouthed female with a graphics degree? I MEAN punctual, responsible, reliable & accountable female with a degree in graphic design…. ; )

Anyway, this snow day has given me extra spare time I didn’t originally have. So while I haven’t been watching out my window as cars struggle just to make it up the street & the poor girls at Cruise ‘N’ Coffee (popular coffee establishment up here) freeze their little faces off each time they open the window to serve a drink, I’ve gotten to spend some real quality time with one of my favorite websites: StumbleUpon.

I’m a big Harry Potter fan so imagine how much this piqued my interest when I stumbled upon this Wikipedia page (I’m a self-proclaimed nerd so don’t bother with teasing me about it): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Potter_and_the_Hall_of_Elders’_Crossing

Know what that is? No, I didn’t either until I read further into it. Author George Norman Lippert (who I’ve never heard of before this) has written a spinoff of the Harry Potter series based on Harry’s son, James. The book is called James Potter & the Hall of Elders’ Crossing. I was skeptical, of course. Nothing can compare to J.K. Rowling’s writing style with her book series & when I first realized what I’d stumbled upon, my initial thought was “Ridiculous!”.

Being the H.P. fanatic I am, however, I couldn’t just click the ‘Stumble’ icon again & go to another webpage. I had to investigate further. After the infamous Google search that everything gets nowadays, I came upon 2 links of interest. The first I’ll share with you is a review of Lippert’s book by blogger, Oonae. It contains some spoilers, yes, but depending on how much of a Potter fan you are, it may convince you to read or not to read the spinoff series. Yes, I said series. Apparently there are 3 books thus far & I haven’t learned enough about it yet to know if Lippert will continue with more. SO, without further delay, I link you to James Potter & the Hall of Elders’ Crossing site, that will provide you with a downloadable PDF file of the book. Yeah, the music & sound on the page is annoying so I’d recommend bookmarking it & closing the heck out of the window. I was on page 6 when I realized that it would just be rude of me not to share this with anyone who doesn’t know. Hopefully it’ll be a good read for some over their approaching winter break!

: )

Gotta say, I like the Harry Potter series illustrator better… but I guess that’s to be expected.

Pass the popcorn

16 Nov

I really can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I am with movies. The first movie I ever saw in a theater was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I used to go to the theater with my dad all the time when I lived at home & now when I go back to visit, it’s still something him & I love to do together. I tell you this because yes, I am a Twilight freak & I’m itching to settle into one of those seats with my popcorn, sour patch kids & slushy to watch New Moon on Friday!

I’m not one of those people who like to get to the theater just in time for the beginning of the movie, either. Half the fun is to see all the previews! That’s why I love Apple’s movie trailer website. It’s updated with movie trailers whenever a new one comes out and I check it religiously. If you don’t know what site I’m talking about then here:


Unfortunately, I won’t be home in Grand Rapids for New Moon’s release into the theaters in a few days. I live in Marquette in Michigan’s upper peninsula & let’s just say they’re slacking on their theater-upkeep, haha. However, I think in the case of New Moon, not even uncomfortable seats or lack of cherry slushies could deter my excitement : )

Here’s a link to New Moon’s trailer & information on Apple’s site: http://www.apple.com/trailers/summit/newmoon/

Andddddd here’s the trailer : ) —

P.S. If you’re really interested in knowing just how much of a geek I am, know I not only love the Twilight Saga but I’ve also read the entire Harry Potter series through 4, maybe 5 times. In addition, I wear thick-framed glasses, collect wedding magazines & like to make a fuss over incorrect grammar usage (your/you’re, there/their/they’re, then/than, etc).