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Book Nook

15 Nov

It’s common knowledge among my closer friends that I don’t mind putting a fair amount of my earnings into decorating my living space. That’s why I’m so proud of myself for what I accomplished yesterday evening: I created a little reading nook in my living room without spending any money & by using only what objects I already had in the room! Trust me, it’s not much. When you live in as small of a space as I do, however, these little changes make a huge difference.

Yes, I'm still a college student so yes, that is a blanket I've converted into a makeshift slipcover for the stool. Someday I'll have a bigger paycheck & bigger budget so I can design my home like you see them on HGTV!

Did I mention it’ll be my nice little hookah corner too? I realize the littlest things make me happy but… I love it! Now I just wish I had a dog (FRENCH BULLDOG, to be exact!) to nestle in next to me while I utilize my new space. : )


It runs in my blood

16 Nov

Let’s just cut to the chase- my Uncle Craig is seriously one of the coolest people on this planet. You think I’m joking or making a crazy exaggeration, but I’m not. A quick and less-than-thorough rundown of his life: graduated high school & joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1980, met & married my awesome Aunt Sue, had 2 of the greatest cousins I could ever ask for, Dana & Ryan, worked at the U.S. Embassy in Venezuala for a really long time, retired from the Coast Guard but still works I dunno… like 3 jobs? One of them puts him over in Abu Dhabi for a couple weeks every month. Like I said, definitely not thorough, but you get the idea.

He got me my first hookah (which I named Aaminah, meaning ‘lady of peace & harmony’) from Abu Dhabi, which I’m totally in love with. Oh and here’s my favorite part: he’s an amazing photographer. I’m starting to think this hobby runs in the family! He’s gotten into a lot of hdr photography and if you want to see some really stunning pictures of his time he spends in Abu Dhabi, visit his photography blog: http://craigcorlphotography.blogspot.com/. The best part about his blog is that he gives you advice for improving your own photography & shares with you all of his awesome experiences. Seriously, camel races?!! That’s not something that most of us get to see everyday. I urge you to check it out. Whether you like taking your own pictures or not, you’ll be amazed at everything you see on his blog. (He’s also got a wicked sense of humor which makes the reading even more fun.)

Meanwhile, I’m stuck here in Marquette, which is no U.A.E. and I’ve got a few projects, presentations & papers due in the next 3 days. Thank you, blog, for providing me with another unnecessary distraction. Now I get to go hunt down a friend who’d like to be my next portrait victim for this mock art review presentation that I have due on Wednesday. I’m seeing a lot of caffeinated beverages in my immediate future.

Want to see my first, lame attempt at hdr?! please don’t judge too harshly- I just sat my camera on the table surface and shot what was already there. It’s no sweet landscape but the moment I read about it, I wanted to try it out.


so lame in comparison to uncle craig, but i had to start somewhere!